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Thermosetting Resin for Sewerage and Drainage Pipe
Thermosetting Resin for steel Reinforced Spiral Corrugated Polyethylene(MRP Pipe) Thermosetting Resin for Steel Wire Reinforced Polyethylene Composite Pipe(STRP Pipe
Banzan’s thermosetting resin is maleic grafted polyethylene. It is used for reinforced PE spiral corrugated steel pipes and steel wire with large caliber. Banzan’s thermosetting resin successfully solves the problem of no connecting factors between steel wire and high-density polyethylene and resulted in good composite effect.

Banzan’s thermosetting resin is of good adhesion, widely application scope,excellent water and oxygen insulating properties. Banzan’s adhesive resin can provide a comprehensive solution for larger diameter steel pipe in drainage and sewerage pipe systems.    
Why choose us?
1) We are the most leading manufacture in China.
2) We have the most advanced technical from American
3) We established 2 R&D center in Boston American and
Shanghai China and 1 testing center in Shanghai China
4) We are of the fast delivery capability and the competitive price
Technical  Datas
Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe Typical Properties
ItemUnitTest StandardTypical Value
MI(190℃,2.16kg)g/10minASTM  D12383.5
Brittleness Temperature℃ASTM D746-70
Densityg/cm3ASTM D15050.94
Elongation at break%ASTM D638800
Vicat Softening℃ASTM D1525115
Tensile StrengthMpaASTM D63823
These techinical data only reference and not intended as specification
Thermosetting Resin manufacturers

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