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ASK-510N series limit switch box are designed suitable for valve and actuators in hazardous explosion-proof  environment.
1. Wiring terminal
Enough terminals for alternation.
2. The aluminum shell provides reliable explosion proof  performance.
1. We participate in various exhibitions all over the world. In the Valve World、Achema、Asia Water、PCVEXPO、ECWATECH、INDOWATER  , you can all come to us.
2. We have a rapid after-sales response mechanism. When we receive customer feedback on after-sales  issues, we will arrange technology to find problems and quickly provide solutions.
We are always ready for providing the sample and producing  some small orders, in order to meet the business well. We are always ready to hear from you.
Q: About the sample what is the cost of transportation?
A :The freight depends on weight, packding size and your country or province region, etc.
Q: How to order?
A :Pease send us your purchase order by Email , or we can make you proforma invoice under your  request.We need to know the following information for your order before sending you PI.
1) Product information Quantity, Specfcaton(Size, Material,Technological if needed and Packing  requirements etc)
2) Delivery time required
3) Shipping information Company name, Street address,Phone &fax number, Destination seaport
4) Forwarders contact details if there's any in China.
Q:Do you have stock ?
A :Most of products are under regular production we can make delivery immediately if we the specific  one in stock.
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